Gujarat Tribal Tour – A Dive Into Centuries Old Traditions, Culture & Lifestyle

Bright Shades of Tribal Tour

Gujarat is a very rich state of India in-terms of tribal culture. The tribes of Gujarat also known as ancient inhabitants are keeping their centuries old traditions alive. Their dresses are very unique and the festivals are very colorful. They are very warm and welcoming people. A Gujarat Tribal Tour will give the tourists an opportunity to understand their real life style and also the diversity of the state. The below image is just a glimpse of Rabari community’s lifestyle.

gujrat tribal tour india
A Rabari woman making butter in her camp in Gujarat

Amidst the threatening din of “modernization” these tribal people are not aware of modern culture and they do believe in their tribal tradition and culture. They have shown great courage to preserve and protect their cultural values & traditions which has been followed by their ancestors for centuries.