Did you check HTOI’s special Diwali Festival Tour? If not, then check out which is specially crafted for those who want to enjoy the vibrant festival and cultural colors of India with close eyes. Don’t miss the chance! Here is the list of must-visit places of India during Deepavali to enjoy the festival of lights at it’s best.

It ought to be fair to state that the last quarter of the year is usually fascinating, everything with a large number of festivals celebrated in every corner of the world.

Whether it’s the Onam festival, Pushkar Camel Fair or Kumbh Mela, the Diwali festival in India never fails to deliver the best festive and cultural values of the country.

Back in India, the grand Diwali festival of lights,  Which drops between mid-October to mid-November every year is thought of as one of the significant religious festivals, signaling the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness.

It’s no surprise Diwali is still probably one of the very likely religious festivals within the nation. Nevertheless, since the festival approaches, many people are left wondering how and where to celebrate.


The list extended for the weekend getaways into the perfect spot for this season’s Diwali festival might appear just a little baffling, right? Well, maybe not necessarily!

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Rambling along busy roads under the vibrant lit upward heavens, neatly placed diyas and reverberating noises may be your very first experience to undergo no matter at which location you intend to enjoy your Diwali holiday in India.

Every city of India celebrates Diwali festival and the warm welcome extended with revelers may leave many travelers wanting that the Diwali celebration never finishes. Listed below are a few of Diwali holiday destinations in India worth enjoying the holiday.

1) Varanasi:

dev diwali varanasiVaranasi, the eternal city on the banks of the Ganga, has its very own unique style of celebrating the Diwali festival.

While the sky grows dark, thousands of colored diyas are put afloat into the river by throngs of devotees staying true to a tradition that is timeless.

 Even the diyas float throughout the full span of the lake, which makes the sight genuinely unforgettable to behold.

It seems as though a million stars have descended upon the earth for this evening.

The continuous fireworks and also the particular Ganga Aarti increase the brilliance and the sweetness of the evening time.

2) Jaipur:


Diwali In Jaipur

The Pink City is ready to host your special Diwali festival trip.

The light Festival has involvement from the different markets of the Jaipur, which unite to enjoy the events such as ethnic shows, performances and golf clubs and polo matches to pull visitors.

During Diwali, the nighttime of those five-day celebrations, markets have been decked out in lights and keep open till late to permit shoppers the ability to choose their choice.

The imperial Nahargarh Fort is a fantastic host to appeal especially after sunset using its lovely light and glorious sight that it offers this lit-up underwater city through the duration of Diwali. That’s undoubtedly somewhere to visit in Jaipur on the occasion of Diwali before obtaining a cab back to your hotel.

3) Kolkata:

Diwali In KolkataKolkata is a must visit the place during Diwali as it has its style to celebrate every festival, you can additionally participate in the Kali Puja, an auspicious dusk-to-dawn festival celebrated with much happiness and enthusiasm.

Venture outside to do pandal hopping, and marvel at the unique decorations and advanced setups to the puja.

Areas such as Park Street and New Market are all Best for shopping and dining.

4) Goa:

Diwali In GoaWere you aware that gambling can be a component of the convention of Diwali? And, what better way to adhere to along with meeting compared to at the paradise of casinos, besides being the heaven of gambling, people in Goa celebrate Diwali by mimicking the killing of Narakasura by Lord Krishna.

Precisely like Ravana is burnt in the event of Dusshera, large effigies of Narakasura burned by individuals in Goa around Diwali. In fact, Diwali is one of the can’t miss things in Goa.

You might even visit tranquil shores of Goa around Diwali should you’d like to avoid smoke and noise from different cities of India. 

5) Madurai:

diwali in maduraiAdditionally down south, Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple can be a significant milestone for tourist-attraction throughout Diwali.

The temple has been lit up as a bride and includes intricately drawn rangolis interspersed with flower decorations.

This lengthy weekend entrance should also have a purchasing spree together Vengala Kadai Street and South Masi Street into your search for fabrics.

Wind by dabbling at the remarkable regional restaurants of Jigarthanda, Muttaiparotta, and also the nimble Madurai-style dosas.

This all-around adventure is likely to produce this little holiday joy for your soul and sight. Book Tamilnadu Temple Tour to experience the architectural beauty at its peak.

6) Pushkar:

diwali in pushkarA religious town in one’s heart of Rajasthan, Pushkar combines a perfect mixture of old-world charm, heavenly intonation, and business gigs.

The collection of bathing ghats back to backwoods, bustling roads along with an episodic soundtrack of rapping, drums and gongs generate a cryptic feel on the list of vacationers.

Just around 11 kms from the town of Ajmer, this tiny energetic city thronged with a way of a large bunch of hippies and foreign travelers.

The very best thing to watch from Pushkar maybe your celebrated Camel Fair where approximately 50,000 camels participate in This fair is definitely among the best things to visit from November and claimed to become among its forms in south-east Asia.

All these camels are dressed up in colorful decorations and clothing plus are taken entirely to drift in the ramp, participate in the race along with traded also. 

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7) Hampi:

DiwaliIn HampiThe resplendent reminiscence with the erstwhile Bijayanagara Kingdom, Hampi is a succinct history fans’ lighting.

Located nearby Hospet town in Karnataka state of South India this excellent travel destination incorporates fabulous architectural stays, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings together side every little thing related to the high home.

Indeed, one of the best Indian holiday destinations such as backpackers, Hampi is considered clarified being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The towering temples of Hampi surrounded by undulating green locations, jade-green hand groves and full stretch of banana plantations functioning due to the background.

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8) Manali:

Diwali In ManaliManali, Himachal Pradesh Soaring peaks of Rohtang Pass Launched in Spring, hidden alleyways that lead in cafes that are amusing in Old Manali, together with side experience experiences in Solang Valley which dash up the adrenaline, Manali is teeming with all stunning wonders.

Escape the chaos of Diwali, ditch those hot crackers and choose a peaceful holiday atop the hills of Himachal.

Suggestion: Produce day trips into Vashisht, Manikaran and extend your vacation to incorporate Kasol in your own Manali trip.

9) Coorg:

Diwali In CoorgCoorg, Karnataka the mountain terrains, covers of coffee plantations and salubrious climate welcome you to Coorg, the south-west boundary of Karnataka.

The mountain city dotted with hotels perched on the mountain slopes, and offer a very hot live, additionally permit one to need to continue coming back again to secure more.

Find a laidback morning hours walk at green spreads, sip coffee at a Hill Negative café or only spend your day back into your hotel–Coorg has excruciating surprises in wealth, which won’t enable one to repent touching the insanity of Diwali. 

Enjoy the festival of light in Coorg with the best of South India tour packages.

10) Gujarat Tribes:

Diwali In Gujarat

Require a quiet Diwali without pollution and sound out of Firecrackers?

You are going to need to cover Diwali in peace with local Gujarati tribal people who may welcome one inside their village and then prepare Diwali rangoli, explain for you precisely the way in which that they utilize forest resources, provide art presentations, also cook delicious organic vegetarian food for you.

Also, you’ll need to go trekking and participate in the regular tasks of those tribes in the case you want. It’s an outstandingly immersive experience.

Best of the cash generated by the tour is going to be shared together with of the villagers, and which indicates you’re planning to be helping improve their livelihood.

Book Gujarat Tribal Tour to experience the tribal festival celebration of Diwali.

11) Jaisalmer:

JaisalmerA stunningly great town that houses golden dunes, an expansive Desert, and roads which can tint in the sun-kissed colors.

Frequently called ‘Golden City,’ Jaisalmer is Rajasthan’s westernmost destination, from the trappings of town.

Proceed research the Peninsula that manicured, spend the night at a desert camp beneath the moonlit skies, or merely enjoy comfort cures on your palatial hotel that the town will impress you in more significant ways than just you.

12) Kovalam:

KovalamKovalam in Kerala has forced it into the list perhaps not because of this enthusiasm of all Diwali here, however, because Diwali isn’t just a significant festival in this destination.

As the entire nation participates in the celebration of this festival of lights, parties in Kerala are not crucial.

Therefore, if you’d like to have an escape from the hustle-bustle of Diwali parties, then book your Kerala tour packages now to celebrate it in Kovalam.

As parties are on a minimal scale, you also may enjoy the scenic beauty of this positioning. You can also enjoy some of the best live performances of some of the top Indian classical dances.

13) Mumbai:

Diwali In Mumbai

Though most cities in India bet claim for its best Diwali party, Mumbai indeed demonstrates that it celebrates the festival of lights just like no other.

It might perhaps not be one among the very ordinary places to watch Diwali.

However, it’s arguably among the very spectacular.

An area that offers you the best adventures to celebrate Diwali is Marine Drive.

The arc of this Queen’s necklace stipulates an excellent backdrop while the bursting fireworks represented by the sparkling waters of this bay.

14) Mysore:

Diwali In MysorePalaces of the Mysore to be on holiday in October, Mysore looks nothing under an ideal destination. Mysore Palace is lit in the night – a breathtaking sight.

Somnathpur Temple is also a great place to see near Mysore.

As the full city of Srirangapatna stands because of the heroics of Tipu Sultan- that the tiger of Mysore, the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam bedazzles the people having its prevalent charm and also the beautiful Brindavan Garden located at its own feet.

God’s own country- Kerala remains in its proximity and also to top everything, the comfy weather won’t allow you to move away.

Diwali directly contributes to the appeal of Mysore that remains probably one of the very most sought-after places to see India.

15) Kumbhalgarh:

Diwali In KumbhalgarhIt is not too often which you’re able to stop by some spot where its foundation enshrined in every that is around you.

Kumbhalgarh is just one such location.

Even the Rajputs ruled this little town in Rajasthan along with also their influence still is present in the various structures that they left.

Much like all places using a prosperous civilization, festivals have celebrated within their unique techniques.

Kumbhalgarh is not any different.

Tradition is enormous in regard to this Rajputs. Naturally, Diwali being apparently one of the first festivals celebrated with fantastic pomp around the erstwhile Rajput Kingdom, for example, Kumbhalgarh – One of the must-visit forts of Rajasthan. You can even enjoy Indian folk and tribal dance performances here on the occasion of Deepawali.

The colors, sounds & sights and also the vibe in this festival are incredible. The remarkable light in Kumbalgarh fort and even the Ranakpur Temple beckons!

16) Puducherry:

Diwali In PuducherryPondicherry or Puducherry can be a unique destination. Even the little coastal city stays in French origins while creating its unique vibe. The shore here is spectacular and aside from the calm setting, Auroville and the Ashram, there’s entirely a bit more to enjoy.

The very best thing in regards to a destination similar to that is the fact that it’s an excellent spot for a relaxing holiday destination.

As a result of its location, it supplies an unbelievable sum of closeness for the family. Back in Pondicherry Diwali or Deepavali is still amongst the first festivals that celebrated. The parties start nearly weekly until Diwali and end weekly later Diwali. Everybody, from all ages, celebrates the Festival of Light.

Schools, colleges, and offices continue to close for a few days, and the party might smell from the atmosphere. Every shop decorated with brilliant lights, and the roads have an alternative charm altogether throughout this enchanting holiday season.


Based on your trip preferences, it’d have been a fantastic idea to organize your reservations way beforehand as Diwali is among the busiest days of the season in India.

There’s a constant push in regards to obtain the train and flight bookings during Diwali season.

Therefore unless you are considering driving family or friends, it’s suggested that your trip together with hotel bookings are reserved ahead of time.


HTOI helps to ensure your own Diwali tour program to be a memorable one by assisting you with complete travel solutions and as always personalized services.

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