“सिर सांठे रुख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाण”
Means If you can protect the trees even by getting your head cut, then consider it a win-win deal.

These words are used to describe the immortal mystery of the sacrifice of Khejarli.

Surprised by the statement? Do you think anyone can do this to protect trees?

In this blog post, we are sharing a real story of such a sacrifice for protecting the trees that happened in 1731 AD in Khejarli village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Centuries ago, when there was no movement on the name of environmental protection, or it was not even a problem for humankind, hundreds of illiterate people had sacrificed themselves here after preserving the trees.

Story of Khejarli

The event dates back to 1730. Abhay Singh, the then King of Jodhpur, wanted to expand his fort and for this, he needed the Khejri trees. Lime was to prepared from the Khejri trees.

Khejarli movement paintings

There was an abundance of trees in the vicinity of Khejarli village. And the king ordered his minister, Girdhar Bhandari, to bring cutlery to all trees of Khejri.

When the minister arrived in the area, including the force and started cutting down the trees, this news spread like a forest fire in the villages.

The people of Bishnoi community, having an unwavering belief in Guru Jambheshwar, were determined to fight for the protection of the Khejri tree and begin to oppose it.

When the minister used the army, Bishnoi of 84 villages gathered and under the leadership of Amrita Devi, they filled the trees in their arms and were not ready to leave at any cost.

She slogan, “सिर सांठे रुख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाण”.

There was a fierce clash of self-defense and military forces in which 363 Bishnois sacrificed their lives to protect their beloved trees. When the news reached Raja Abhay Singh, he considered it best to bow in front of this mass movement.

Do we dare to do this today ? and that’s when the problem of global warming is the single biggest problem on planet Earth today.

Only 25 kilometers from the historic city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Khejarli village in natures zonal can be of particular significance for any environmental lover.

Chipko movement

What we can learn from the sacrifice of Khejrli

The inspiration that the new generation can get from here, rarely get from anywhere else.

On the name of development and modernizations, we forget our ancient values and importance of the environment.

Today’s environment activists and world leader can learn what kind of willpower and determination is required to protect our environment and ultimately the future of planet Earth.

The importance of protection of trees is being given here since then when the problem of environmental pollution was not even born.

Education of forest conservation has given by the illiterate, unrivaled people and tribes of this country.

Another interesting fact that comes out is – as long as our majority population remains rural and ‘superstitions’ of God’s dwelling in nature, tends to have greater love and respect for nature. The more civilised we have become, we have lost this love and respect.

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What should be the real homage to Khejarli

The irony is that despite the frenetic scandal on the issue of environmental protection and the frantic development of tourism, this place is not able to do anything except crying on its plight.

Leaving that apart, do we even remember this greatest deed of environment protection? Such a center of spirituality is capable of being the only holy pilgrimage of the environment lover worldwide.

The sad thing is that this shrine of nature protection has kept as confidential as it is. Neither any publicity, neither discussion in the course nor the facilities to reach here.

Nothing worse today, if a little effort is made then lots of Indian and foreign tourists and environmental lovers can come here to bow their heads to this sacrificial land and get some actual inspirations.

  1. Khejarli should declare as National heritage.
  2. Tourism department should develop this place as an international tourist spot.
  3. Lots of programs should be organized at regular interval to spread the sacrificing history of Khejarli to the world.
  4. The government should include “Saga of self-sacrifice of Khejarli” in school course so upcoming generation can be introduced to the importance of nature.
  5. The Khejarli festival which held on Bhaadrapad Sukal Dashmi should be of 3 or more days so more people can attract and connect with this sacrificing land.

Bishnoi Community

Bishnoi Community

Guru Jambheshwar considered the originator of Bishnoi Sect. Bishnoi word is composed of two words Bish (twenty) and Noi (nine), and this means that the twenty-nine principles of life by the community-promoter of this community have suggested.

Eight rules from these twenty-nine rules are related to nature conservation and enrichment. This includes rules like do not eat meat, not stealing bulls, cutting trees etc.

These rules are followed by this society sincerely even today. A special attachment to this community seen in wild animals.

Bishnoi sect is silently employed to protect the mute and vegetation by the spirit of Saurabhuntu Sukhin, from the principles as given by the Guru Jambheshwar. Bishnoi Sect is the custodian of our cultural heritage, social values, and traditions. The contribution and consciousness of this society towards the environment is exemplary.

Rural Tourism and Khejarli

Rural Tourism

If you are an environmental lover, then Khejarli is the perfect destination for you. In Khejarli, The whole environment covered with a martyr monument of Khejri trees and the birds of the sky are found circulating cleanly.

There is a memorial made in the memory of 363 martyrs who lost their lives to save the trees in 1730. Behind the monument, there is a temple of Guru Jambheshwar Ji which is a symbol of the Bishnoi’s natural affection and reverence.


You can easily see migratory birds, chinkara, blackbuck, peacock and more animals and birds.

Here you can also look for block printing, pottery, handicraft, camel ride in the near areas of Khejarli. You can also enjoy the village food that you never forget.


We insist you share this story with your friends on social media. It will be a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to save trees on the planet.

We have to find and carve many ‘Khejarli’.

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  1. Nice information Sheesh. True inspiration from these real heros. We really need so many Khejrli to save the planet.

  2. Its an issue that Im very interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. These are real hero and stories like this are true inspirations. Have shared your post with my friends on social media.

    1. Absolutely Craig. We need to make these type of stories our true inspirations if we really want to achieve something while protecting our environment.

  3. Hey, I loved reading your post. Thanks for the great info. This is a great inspirational story for me being a environment lover! I hope people will learn from things like this.

  4. This is not an article but a story which you have shared with us very beautifully. There would be hardly any nature lover in India who does not know Amrita Devi. Is Khejdali village open for tourists?

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