Let’s embark on traveling to India.
“The centuries-old history and culture of India, majestic architectural monuments and museums of Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai have a unique attractive force.”

The above lines were quoted by Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin on his visit to India, a country offering unity in diversity.

India has always remained a symbol and a character- a symbol that is fraught with multiple mountainous terrains, deserts, oceans, wildlife, cities, traditions, myths, and cultures.

Taj Mahal Agra

Starting from the Jammu-Kashmir and Leh-Ladakh sector in the North and the North-Nepal border to Kanyakumarika in the far South, India offers a fine blend of exotic locales which have lush green forest covers, tribal life, wild animals and birds, and also exquisite varieties of beaches that can soothe the tired mind and soul of thousands of tourists.

Tourists flock to India all the year-round.

Although summers are hot and humid in many places, monsoons, and early and later winters are the best time to enjoy and relax in this beautiful tourist destination.

Over the years, India has evolved as one of the most favourite tourist destinations for international tourists also, which has contributed largely to the country’s economic coffer.

North India: The gem on the crown of the queen

Himalayas SnowIf you have a penchant for visiting the hill stations, then you can surely make a trip to Ladakh, accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir.

These places resemble paradise on earth, as the snow-capped Himalayas provide the ideal panoramic view for photograph, trekking and hiking. Apart from this, you can also make a tour to Himachal Pradesh and Punjab for family holidays and for ideal honeymoon experience.

Visit Kulu, Manali and Dalhousie for skiing in winter:

Kulu-ManaliKulu, Chamba, Khajjiar, Manali, and Leh-Ladakh are all connected by motorable roadways which makes it easier to commute from one place to another. For an ideal Kashmir and Leh-Ladakh tour, you need to keep at least 15 days in hand. You can choose from specific packages based on the locales:

these include the India wildlife tour packages, the honeymoon river rafting, boating, and fun activities, the hiking and trekking packages, and those that exclusively house migratory birds and wild animals. All these places have a well-connected airport, like the Bhuntar airport which is just 50 km from Manali.

Moreover, you can have a two-day’s trip to Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass to play with real snow.

Rejuvenate your senses with the desert tunes: Travelling to royal Rajasthan

Umaid BhawanTo enjoy the Indian panorama to the fullest, you must visit Rajasthan, the land of the Rajputs, the land which was once also known as Rajputana. The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is known as the ‘pink city’ and it has famous tourist spots like the Jantar Mantar, the Hawa Mahal, and many others.

In Rajasthan, you can book your Rajasthan tour packages from different segments like the festival package at Pushkar, the adventure sports, spending your time in some of the most exquisite heritage properties of the ‘Rajwada Khandaans’, going for a camel safari on the Sam sand dunes, and also visit a beautiful hill station located at Mount Abu on the Aravalli Hills.

Go for a fort tour in Rajasthan:

Chittorgarh FortThere are different forts strewn all across Rajasthan, and some of the most notable include the Badnore Fort, the Barmer Fort, the Bhatner Fort, and the red sandstone fort at Chittorgarh and the Dev Giri Fort. Rajasthan also offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and also wildlife in plenty.

When you go for the camel safari, you can also enjoy the local Rajasthani delicacies like Dahi Vada and Daal Bati Churma and spend your evening enjoying Rajasthani dance, music and other cultural programs including tribal and folk dances and Indian classical dances.

The temples towns of South India: Where the Hills beckon

Mahabalipuram TempleSouth India is dotted with temple towns that speak of ancient Indian heritage and architecture. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are some of the most sought-after tourist destinations which are a home to temples like the Kanchipuram and the Mahabalipuram Temple,

the Brihadeshwara Temple, the Meenakshi Temple, and in this circuit, you can also visit Rameshwaram and the world-renowned Tirupathi Temple located on the top of the Tirupathi Hills. The towns of South India are all connected by motorable roads, railways and even flanked by luxurious airports. While travelling to India, you can not only see the beautiful views or architecture but also feel the inner beauty.

Sip the best aromatic tea and coffee: HTO offering you a guided tour to South Indian coffee plantations

Indian Coffee PlantationsYou can visit Kerala, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, and Coorg to enjoy a honeymoon package. Nestled amidst the blue and green Nilgiris, surrounded by lush green tea plantations on all sides, these exotic locations will give you the ultimate relief from hectic city life. Ooty, Coorg and Kodaikanal are frequented by national and international tourists all throughout the year.

You can reach the Bangalore Airport and from there you can take a luxury bus or private car to Ooty. All these tourist spots have both budget and 5-star hotels to provide you with the best comfort that you need during a vacation in Kerala.

You can buy small wooden handicrafts, souvenirs, spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom from the spice plantations here, and also take Nilgiri tea as a gift for your friends and relatives.

Daman and Diu in Gujarat:

Daman and Diu TourismDaman is a place situated on the western coast of Gujarat and it is surrounded by the Kolak river on the north and the Kalai river on the south. There is an amusement park and the Jampore Beach offers a soothing and relaxing spectacle to visitors who have already completed the Gujarat tour of specific places like the Rann of Kutch and the Gir forest.

The nearest airport is Mumbai Airport. Apart from this, you can also visit Diu, which is a largely-deserted, serene beach, filled with rows of green palm trees. The best time to visit this place is from October to May.

The multiple attractions that Gujarat has to offer:

Somnath TempleApart from Daman and Diu, Gujarat Tourism also offers you a view of different forts like the Junagarh Fort, business towns like Ahmedabad, temple towns like Somnath, and museums like Gandhi Museum, Archaeological Museum, Sardar Patel National Museum, and the famous Vadodara Museum.

Also, your ideal winter trip from October to March can include Ecotourism spots and heritage walks around Gujarat. Apart from this, if you visit Gujarat during yearly festivals and fairs like the Bhavnath Fair, Tarnetar Fair, Dang Darbar, Shamlaji Fair, the Rann Utsav, and the Gujarat Kite Festival which attract a huge number of tourists every year.

During this time, though, Gujarat remains a bit congested, but still, you can discover India in its multiple colors. The fairs and festivals are all soaked in the rich culture and historical heritage of India.

Enjoy the sweet travel comfort of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha:

When it comes to enjoying a confluence of multiple cultural, religious and tourism patterns in India, you can surely keep Bengal, Bihar and Odisha as part of your travel circuit.

Mukteshvara Temple, BhubaneswarOdisha is a rich storehouse to temples and Buddhist and Jain monuments which are protected and preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India as part of World Heritage Sites.

The famous Jagannath Temple of Puri, the Lingaraja Temple, and the Konark Temple are some of the best sites to which tourists flock in every season. You can also visit Bengal for the famous Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, the Victoria Memorial Hall, and the Birla Planetarium. In case you try to avail a 5-day guided tour to Bengal, you can also visit the Sunderbans which is a house to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger and the land of Mangroves.

Bihar also, as one of your travelling circuits, can offer you multiple attractions including the Sanchi Stupa, the great Indian Sarnath Pillar and the Buddhist and Jain temples of Nalanda and Rajgir. Bihar, Bengal and Odisha all have a railway and air connectivity with all major metropolitan cities of India.

India’s gross economic distribution has received a great impetus owing to the huge revenue drawn from tourism and travel spots. In addition to that, every day, some new spots are discovered, log huts or ecotourism are introduced as part of the system, which is an even greater option to tourists.

Although the Indian climate is slightly scorching and sultry during the summer months, the winters are the best time when you can start exploring different regions of India. Monsoons are a welcome relief in places like Lonavla and Khandala in Maharashtra, whereas the hill districts like Darjeeling and Dooars in Bengal also boast of a huge number of footfalls during this time.

There are different holiday packages for honeymoon couples, for students, for foreign visitors and for families that you can avail, as part of your India tour. When it comes to discovering variety, India re-kindles your wander thirst even more.

There are both budget and luxury hotels that you can find in almost all the places. Now, even offbeat tourist destinations in India boast of lavish homestays where you receive delicious food. In short, if you are out for adventure, tourism, photography, foods and some exciting travel moments in your life, then India can be your ultimate destination.

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