Rajim Kumbh and Madai Festival Tour

Ocean of faith, mesmerizing festivities, endless colours

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Summary of Rajim Kumbh and Madai Festival Tour

  • Duration: 13 Nights & 14 days
  • Major Attractions: Rajim Kumbh Mela, Madai Festival, Baiga, Bison Horn Maria & Ghotul Dance, Tribal Markets & Villages
  • Destination Covered: Bhoramdeo, Rajim, Kanker, Jagdalpur, Rayagada, Jeypore

Highlights of Rajim Kumbh and Madai Festival Tour

This is a very special & fixed departure tour program comprising Rajim Kumbh Mela, Madai Festival, Tribal dances like Bison Horn Maria and Ghotul. It includes the unexplored regions of Chhattisgarh combining with tribal circuits of Odisha and architectural gems like Konark Sun Temple and Lingraja Temple. In Chhattisgarh, you will visit the ancient temples of Bhoramdeo, beautiful Bastar and Rajim Kumbh Mela. It will be a treat to visit both Bhoramdeo Temple and Konark Sun Temple in one tour program, as Bhoramdeo and Konark are known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh and Odisha respectively due to their erotic sculptures based on Kamasutra.

Rajim Kumbh Mela

The highlight of this trip is Rajim Kumbh Mela, as you know Kumbh Mela is the largest and holiest pilgrim gathering in the world. Everyone knows about Kumbh Mela and its four holiest places as Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik, and Ujjain but there is a secret fifth Kumbh also, Rajim is that fifth one.

Rajim is just 44 KMS from Raipur the capital of Chhattisgarh state and is a most famous holy assembly for Vaishnavites – the devotees of Lord Vishnu. Rajim Kumbh is situated close to the convergence of three rivers Sondur, Mahanadi and Pairi. The monks, Saints, and pilgrims from every nook and corner of India come here and make it a spectacular place to visit. The colorful people, Naga Sadhus (Naked monks) and various folk activities are visual treats for the visitors. This festival gives an amazing opportunity to be part of history, culture, and spirituality at one go.

Madai Festival

Another big attraction of the itinerary is Madai Festival celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm by the people of Gond Tribe reflecting their rich traditions and culture. The communities of Kanker as Kurna and Charnama and the tribal people of Baster also celebrate the Madai Festival. This festival goes from one place to another location thus every tribe and each community take pleasure in celebrating it. You can witness various tribal rituals in the Madai festival like processions, ceremonies and cultural events in their best attires.

The added attractions to this unique itinerary will be the special tribal dances organized in the villages such as Bison Horn Maria Dance and Ghotul Dance. These dances will give us the opportunity to learn more about the culture and festivities of the tribes of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh has very rich tribal traditions as many different tribes are living in the state like Gond, Baiga, Maria, Ghotul, Bhatra, and Dhurwa, etc. Bastar is still an unexplored region of India.

In Odisha, we will show you the colorful tribal markets of primitive tribes like Bonda and Gadaba. The trip will also offer an opportunity to visit the biggest weekly Haat of Mali and Paraja tribes of the state. Odisha is one of the richest state in tribal culture in India.

Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsAccommodation Details
Feb 16, 2020/ SundayDelhiReception in DelhiLemon Tree Premier
Feb 17, 2020/ MondayRaipur-BhoramdeoBhoramdeo Temple VisitBhoramdeo Jungle Retreat
Feb 18, 2020/ TuesdayBhoramdeoGond Tribal Villages, Baiga DanceBhoramdeo Jungle Retreat
Feb 19/ WednesdayBhoramdeo-RaipurBaiga Tribal Villages, Bhoramdeo TemplesHotel Zone by The Park
Feb 20, 2020/ ThursdayRajim-KankerRajim Kumbh MelaKanker Palace
Feb 21, 2020/ FridayGobrahin-KankerGhotul Dance, Madai FestivalKanker Palace
Feb 22, 2020/ SaturdayJagdalpurDeer Horn Muria TribeBastar Jungle Resort
Feb 23, 2020/ SundayJagdalpurBison Horn Maria DanceBastar Jungle Resort
Feb 24, 2020/ MondayRayagadaMali and Dhurwa Tribal villagesHotel Sai International
Feb 25, 2020/ TuesdayRayagadaKutia Kondh tribal marketHotel Sai International
Feb 26/ WednesdayJeyporeDongria Kondh tribal marketHello Jeypore
Feb 27, 2020/ ThursdayOnukudelliBonda Tribal Haat, Gadaba Tribe villagesHello Jeypore
Feb 28, 2020/ FridayVishakhapatnamKunduli Tribal HaatThe Gateway Hotel
Feb 29, 2020/ SaturdayDelhi-Departure

Itinerary Details

  1. Day 01 February 16, 2020

    International Arrival We will welcome you at the airport Drive to the hotel
    Odissi Dance
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    We will traditionally welcome you upon arrival at Delhi airport and transfer to the hotel with assistance. We will help you in check in to the hotel comfortably and relax in the room for the rest of the time.

  2. Day 02 February 17, 2020

    Flight from Delhi to Raipur Drive to Bhoramdeo (3 hours)
    Gond Tribal lady
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    Have breakfast at the hotel and then check out. We will transfer you to the airport to embark the flight for Raipur.

    On arrival at Raipur airport, you will be received and transferred to Jungle Retreat in Bhoramdeo having lunch on the way. On arrival at Bhoramdeo, check in to the ethnic village resort.

    Later, take a short walk to ancient Bhoramdeo Temple to see the evening prayer. Here, we will also see some Gond Tribal Ladies.

    Gond is one of the biggest tribal communities mostly living in central India. Gonds were great warriors and even had their kingdom in ancient India. Gonds are still living their lifestyle for hundreds of years without any change.

    In the evening before dinner, we will also arrange Baiga Tribal Dance (Subject to availability).

    Have dinner and enjoy the beautiful jungle retreat.

  3. Day 03 February 18, 2020

    Baiga Tribe
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    Enjoy the lovely breakfast at your beautiful jungle homemade in authentic Chhattisgarh village style. Today, we will be visiting some of the Gond Villages, which may include Rajpur, Katgo, and Harmo, etc.

    Enjoy the lunch in the afternoon, we will either carry picnic lunch with us or have lunch at Village Dhaba in Dhawai Pani. If lucky, we can also witness the Madai Festival by Baiga Tribe at Bokkar Khar Village. Baiga tribes are known as the people of the forest as they survive on the products of the jungle. They practiced the shifting cultivation hence lived the nomadic life for many years. The unique feature of the Baiga tribe is that the women here sport tattoos on almost every part of the body. Return back to the resort in the evening.

  4. Day 04 February 19, 2020

    Drive to Raipur (03 Hours)
    bhoramdeo temple
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    After breakfast, visit the famous Bhoramdeo Temples known as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh built in 1100 AD, these temples are older than Khajuraho temples. These are the outstanding Hindu Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, the complex comprises four temples, the earliest temple is made of brick whereas, the main temple is built by stones. Later, visit Thua Pani village of Baiga Tribe, we will visit one of the homes to understand their daily lifestyle.

    Also visit the houses of Kumhar community working on pottery at Amaroda village. On our way back to the hotel for lunch explore Mandawa Mahal Temple of Lord Shiva built in 15 Century A.D.  Have lunch at the resort and check out. Post lunch, we will drive to Raipur – the capital city of Chhattisgarh state. By the evening, reach to Raipur and check in to the hotel and enjoy the lavish dinner.

  5. Day 05 February 20, 2020

    Drive to Rajim (01 Hour) Drive to Kanker (03 Hours)
    Sadhu at Rajim Kumbh
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    Post breakfast, drive to Rajim and spend the first half of the day in exploring the festivities of Rajim Kumbh Mela. Rajim Mela has immense religious importance for the Hindus in India and the pilgrims and saints will be taking the holy baths in the rivers and performing various rituals. It is a confluence of the rich culture of the country as the people from each part of India come to have a holy dip during this auspicious occasion. It is a spectacular to see different types of monks and colorful pilgrims in Rajim.

    Later, drive to Kanker having lunch on the way at Lover’s Point near Kurud. Post lunch, drive Charama village to see Gond and Yadav people making Bidi – an Indian Cigarette made of tree leaves. Most of the people in the villages smoke these types of Bidis in India. Drive through the enchanting areas to Kanker, this region is pristine and offers unparalleled natural beauty.

    Arrive in Kanker and stay in the erstwhile palace converted into a heritage hotel.


  6. Day 06 February 21, 2020

    Excursion to Villages and Gobrahin (03 Hours)
    Hulki Dance Ghotul
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    Drive to the tribal villages to see fascinating Ghotul performance by Muria Tribe. Ghotul is a social institution belonging to Abujh Maria & Muria tribe. In Muria tribe, Ghotul used to be a village dormitory where young boys & girls could live together before marriage & can even have sexual activities. In Ghotul, there are many dances & musical performances such as Mandri, Hulki & Gedi Dance.

    It will be really interesting to visit one of the Ghotuls & their performance. Later, we will proceed to Gobrahin to see the Madai Festival – one of the most important religious festivals in Chhattisgarh. During the festival, the tribes from Bastar come & celebrate. They carry processions & do the prayers to the Goddess. They wear the best of their attires, perform folk dances & other cultural activities. After Madai Festival, drive back to Kanker Palace.

  7. Day 07 February 22, 2020

    Drive to Jagdalpur (04 Hours)
    Bhatra tribe
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    Enjoy the breakfast with the royal family and say goodbye to your lovely hosts. Depart to Jagdalpur stopping en-route to see some of the villages of Deer Horn Muria Tribe and interact with the colorful and hospitable Muria Tribes of Baster. Also, visit the home of the world-famous artist of Dokra Art in Kondagaon Village, here you can see many of the beautiful crafts created by the artist.

    Finally arrive at Jagdalpur and check-in. Later, enjoy the delicious dinner of Bastar region.

  8. Day 08 February 23, 2020

    Drive to Maria Village (02 Hours)
    Bison horn maria dance
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    Take a walk in Kurandi Village of Bhatra Tribe. The morning time is blissful in the village and full of activities by the tribes. Try the tribal liquor made by the tree flowers. Travel further to the villages of Bison Horn Maria Tribe & witness the mesmerizing Bison Horn Maria Dance.

    This is one of the best dances of Bastar & it is equally fascinating to see the houses, colorful attires, headgears & tattoos. Bison Horn Maria is one of the most spectacular tribe to see in Chhattisgarh. After the dance, have the picnic lunch & proceed to Chitrakote Waterfalls – the widest waterfalls in the country of 29 meters height often referred to as Niagara Falls of India. After enjoying the spectacular atmosphere at the waterfalls, drive back to Jagdalpur.

  9. Day 09 February 24, 2020

    Drive to Rayagada (06 Hours)
    Mali tribe Odisha
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    Relish the delicious Bastar breakfast at the resort and start the journey towards Rayagada. On the way stop at Kotpad village which is known for its vegetable dyed textile weaving by Mirgan community. Later, visit Mali and Dhurwa tribal village. Mali tribe wear distinguish nose rings, the women can be seen with three nose rings and few earrings. They also have tattoos on their body.

    Arrive at Rayagada passing through the beautiful countryside. Finally, arrive at the hotel and relax.

  10. Day 10 February 25, 2020

    Rayagada-Kotagarh-Rayagada (04 HRS)
    Kutia Kondh
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    After breakfast, take an excursion to Kotagarh to see Tuesday Tribal Weekly Haat of Kutia Kondh Tribe. Take a walk through Kutia Kondh villages to understand their primitive tribal lifestyle. Kutia Kondh Tribe is basically a Dravidian language-speaking tribe who were originally hunter-gatherer.

    Kutia tribal women have distinctive tattoos on their faces, few nose-rings as well as beautiful earrings. Traditionally, the tribals used to have a practice of human sacrifices but now they have stopped this ritual. Drive back to the hotel for dinner and stay.

  11. Day 11 February 26, 2020

    Drive to Jeypore (04 HRS)
    dongria kondh tribe odisha
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    Today drive to Chatikona to see Dongria Kondh tribe and their weekly market on Wednesday. Dongria Kondh is the most remarkable tribe in Kondh tribes. Dongrias live in hilly areas and live a simple tribal life. Dongria Kondh every week walk from the mountain to Chatikona to trade their agricultural products and from that earning buy their household things. The ladies in the Dongria tribe are extremely shy and rarely interact with outsiders. Post lunch drive towards Jeypore through the villages of Desia Kondh tribes- another interesting tribe of Odisha. Reach to your hotel in Jeypore and enjoy the dinner. Another exciting day ends in the tribal region of Odisha.

  12. Day 12 February 27, 2020

    Excursion to Onukudelli (02 HRS one way)
    Bonda Tribe Odisha
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    We will today have early breakfast and the first drive to Onukudelli weekly market to see the most colorful tribes of Odisha as Bonda and Gadaba tribes.

    Bonda is one of the most primitive tribes in India living up in the mountains. Bonda women wear layers of silver jewelry in the neck and the big earrings. They cover their upper part with strings of yellow beads. The waist is covered with a piece of cloths mostly blue in color, in Bonda tribe, the women’s head is shaven.

    After the market visit, stop briefly at Duduma Waterfalls to see the picturesque waterfalls and scenic valley.

    Later, visit Olar Gadaba tribal village. Gadaba tribe also has a stunning outfit especially their jewelry. The older ladies have the big metal rings covering their necks. The landscape of this region is gorgeous surrounded by beautiful hills.

    Finally arrive back to the hotel in Jeypore to have dinner and relax for the night before you take another tribal journey in Odisha.

  13. Day 13 February 28, 2020

    Drive to Vizeg (06 Hours)
    Paraja tribe Odisha
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    Today, take a short drive and visit the weekly market at Kunduli. Here see Paraja and Mali tribes buying and selling the things in the Haat. The tribes here mainly sell the vegetables, which they grow in their small farms and also bring some chickens, goats and other agriculture products, in return they buy the grocery items from the markets for an entire week. Paraja and Mali tribe wear distinguish nose rings, the women can be seen with three nose rings and few earrings. They also have tattoos on their bodies. Later, drive to Vishakhapatnam passing through the beautiful countryside. Arrive at the hotel and relax.

  14. Day 14 February 29, 2020

    Fly to Delhi International Departure
    bonda tribe Odisha
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    At an appropriate time, check out from your hotel and our guide will assist and transfer to Vishakhapatnam airport to board the flight to Delhi airport and then connect with an onward international connection back to home.

    The wonderful tribal journey to Chhattisgarh and Odisha along with wonderful festivals of Madai and Rajim Kumbh comes to end here.

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