India is a land of diverse culture and heritage where a tourist not only requires a tour operator but also a fellow companion who is equally enthusiastic about traveling and showcasing the essence of this diverse nation. We are one such company that offers the true experience of India bringing out its real charm. This is precisely why our organization is named “Hidden Treasure of India”. At “Hidden Treasures of India” we practice a religion called “Tourism”.

Why Hidden Treasures of India

Because tourism and traveling is our only passion! We provide customized tour packages and personalized services for the love of it. We never compromise with our standards and keep the quality of service at an optimum level whether it is a one transfer or a whole tour package. We understand that vacations are the most precious moments of life and that is why we aim to make them memorable.

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Our Group At Taj Mahal

Why Our Itineraries Are Unique

Our wide catalogue of destinations make our tour programs different, they will bring India closer to you. The special tailor-made tours take you to fairs, festivals, rare performing arts, soulful music and mesmerizing dances of our country. What makes our tours special is the endless opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the people and their century old traditions. We offer family run hotels having local character and are a destination in themselves. The attention to the detail amaze our guests, be it a pleasant welcome or offering specially designed travel document folder.


Hidden Treasures of India is Recognised inbound tour operator of India by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, Active member of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Rajasthan Association of Tour Operators (RATO), Member of TOFTigers & won Travellers Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

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