Rudy Feytongs, Belgium
 Together with some people of New York I made the journey in Odisha with Sheesh as our tourleader. This is now my second time in India and it was again a pleasure to travel with him. Your journey "Rajim Kumbh Mela & Madai Festival Tour, 2018" was very well planned. My unforgetable memories on this tour are the festivals, the dances and the tribal people in the villages. I am also very satified with the organisation of the hotels, food and activities. I also want to thank our driver Tuttu. What a friendly and nice man!!!!!!! Thanks Sheesh for this wonderful trip and hope to see you again soon on one of your journeys 
Patricia Williams, New York, USA
 My first trip to India in 2011 was so well planned that when I saw that he had planned a cultural tour this year I jumped at the opportunity to travel with him again. This trip to Odisha and Chatisgha did not disappoint. Sheesh is very passionate about his homeland and makes sure that we see those wonderful things that make India the incredible country that it is. The Madai and Rajim Kumbh festivals exceeded my expectations and I especially enjoyed visiting the tribal villages and temples, some of which are protected UNESCO sites. We witnessed cultural dances from villagers to a surprise performance by classical dancers and awed at the local artisans at work. Sheesh is adept putting together a mix of sleeping arrangements and dining experiences, something that allows one to see the many sides of this country. From the jungle to the seashore to the wonderful Fortune Hotel to the Palaces they all made for a wonderful adventure. Traveling with 4 other equally fun loving people with very diverse backgrounds, one of whom was from Belgium was a bonus. Add in a wonderful driver named Tutu and I give the trip and A. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit again it will definitely be with Sheesh. 
Laura Kandro, New Jersey, USA
 ...stunning combination of natural beauty, mesmerizing festivals and a mixture of tribal communities and their traditions ...from jungle retreats, meeting the prince in his heritage hotel to a luxury resort ...dining in 5 star hotel or road side 'truck' stop ...Odissi Dance, Bison Horn Maria Dance, Dhokra Art, Pattachitra paintings, weavers. Our wonderful driver Tuttu took us to so many wonderful experiences and Sheesh again shared his love of India and its people with us. This was my 2nd trip with Sheesh and I am already planning my 3rd. 
Bridie Collins, New York, USA
 This Hidden Treasures of India Tour was an incredible experience! Everyday was packed with a fascinating assortment of activities. I enjoyed exploring ancient temples, botanical gardens and historic sites, and most particularly strolling along the beautiful beaches of Bengal Bay as local fisherman hauled in their catches of the day- the birding on the magical Chiliki Lake was truly spectacular. The famous holy festivals were surely a highlight with throngs of worshipers, holy men, and tourists but our visits to the small villages of local tribal communities were equally engaging as we had a unique opportunity to observe the daily routines of many different indigenous people. Our accommodations at the end of each day were always a delightful surprise - my favorites were converted palaces, jungle resorts and heritage hotels. Sheesh makes traveling in India effortless. He is adept at making last minute changes to the itinerary to accommodate the "unexpected' hidden treasures. He delights in opening the magical world of India to his guests and he has a wicked sense of humor. We had a wonderful group of fellow fun-loving travelers which made our travel times in the van most pleasurable. Our additional guides along the way further enriched our wonder-struck days in India and our very special driver kept us safe as he skillfully navigated the often challenging roads with great finesse. 
Greet Urkens, Belgium
 Again an amazing adventure with Sheesh and Hidden Treasures of India. This time to Kerala during Onam Festival. The trip was fabulous and we ended up taking over 2000 photos. The dances, celebrations and processions were out of the world. Magnificent journey to India.  
Abraham, Rudolph, USA
 All those decorated elephants, music, crowds of people dressed in their finest. Visited the fort, churches, the Jewish synagogue. Saw the Katakhali performance. The highlight of the trip is ONAM. Wonderful trip. Love this hotel. Sheesh has chosen well. 
Joan Monego, USA
 I am amazed how Sheesh finds all the good places where celebrations are taking place. A full afternoon of ONAM celebrations. I was warmly welcomed into private homes. People love to take photos. I did not see a single Westerner here. They don't know what they are missing. Westerners need to hear about this festival. I am impressed that participants in their splendid costumes are willing to pose w me for photos. Lucked out when in the vicinity of the boat races suddenly there was a tiger dance ! Wonderful ! They danced heart and soul. 
Roger Feytongs, Belgium
 This was our 2nd trip to Kerala during Onam festival. We work with Hidden Treasure of India already for several years and again for this trip everything was organized perfectly as well for transportation, hotels, food, organizing different activities and events, where necessary we had qualified local guides. As before all our group members were very satisfied and they said they will recommend our trip to others. Thank you Sheesh for all your effort to make this trip unforgettable. 
Sunni Kerwin, USA
 “My daughter and I have taken 3 trips to India through Hidden Treasures of India. Truly I cannot speak highly enough about this tour company and the man who we worked with to create the most magical trips, Sheesh. His ability to customize our tour to our exact liking was superb. Working with HTOI before the trip via email was easy. All of our needs accommodated. We never got a sorry can't do that response. And we had lots of customizing! Once we arrived in India everything was organized (of course you have to realize that this is India and things do not always go according to the best laid plans). But in spite of that fact, my daughter and I had great visits, and Sheesh was constantly in touch with our driver to make certain that we were happy and safe. If a problem did arise, it would be handled quickly and seemingly without effort! I can truly say that we have had magical mystery tours with Hidden Treasures of India and cannot wait to return once again to the land of Yoga, which we plan on doing in the near future!” 
Joan Shanley, USA
 “Sheesh's experitse, guidance, attention and openness made planning the various legs of my trip easy. Yes, easy, where India can be challenging. Sheesh is easy to work with and extremely knowledgable about his beautiful homeland. All arrangements were as stated, all guides, escorts and drivers were courteous and helpful and fun to be around (I made a few friends, too). Airline and train reservations were handled well and fairly. Sheesh and I collaborated on my many itineraries, which made me feel like the trip was mine and not just planned for me. I appreciated this very much. Sheesh was always available via phone and he handled the inevitable (and few) hiccups quickly and readily. I appreciated this immensely.” 
Mario Castro, Guatemala
 “I booked a tour of India with Hidden Treasures of India. I needed the tour to be in Spanish because my family speaks it. They had a guide waiting for us on time and with the transport ready for us. The Tour was great and they guide Spanish was very good and explain all to us. We where very happy with the tours and all that was offered was given. We were very satisfied with the quality of the tours and hotels that where offered to us. When I travel in the future to India I will only book with HTI. Thank you so much.” 
Lisa Mathias, USA
 “Thank you Hidden Treasures of India Tours for the trip of a lifetime! The accommodations were all unique and lovely. The people of India are warm and welcoming and visiting the tribes was a highlight. Thank you Sheesh for organizing such an amazing tour of beautiful India!” 
Mary Dixon, USA
 “Hidden Treasures of India Tours was my first experience of India. I have always been fascinated by the Indian culture and people and can’t imagine a better way to personally explore this lovely, colorful part of the world than on this guided tour. The tour was well organized and everything flowed smoothly as we fully immersed ourselves into the enjoyment of each moment. I feel fortunate not only for this experience in India, but also to meet and know such a caring and special individual. I would highly recommend any tour offered by Sheesh and Hidden Treasures of India.” 
Lester Stoller, USA
 “I found Hidden Treasures on the internet and after a few conversations with Sheesh decided to use his services. In addition to certain well known sites, I wanted to get a feeling for different parts of India. It meant quite a bit of travel in a relatively short time, but Sheesh arranged it all. After we decided on an itinerary Sheesh set up all the hotels, domestic air travel and local guides. At every stop I was met by a competent guide and driver. In every case the guides were very knowledgeable and nice to spend time with. There were never any surprises. If you don't do it right, India with its horrendous traffic, different culture(s) and pressing population can be overwhelming. With Sheesh's help it is a manageable and wonderful experience.” 
Lyn Nishimura, USA
 “Dear Sheesh, you put together an amazing tour and it was a pleasure to be traveling with you and experiencing the Hidden Treasures of India as you sought out to share with us. I appreciate that you always showed interest in the things we wanted to see and went out of your way to arrange the experiences you thought we would appreciate and enjoy!” 
Paula Jeffrey, USA
 “My trip to India was one of the most exciting and breathing trip I have ever been on; having books I have read and pictures I have seen unfold as I journey along this beautiful country was priceless. Hidden Treasure of India (Sheesh Ram) did a fabulous job in making sure everything was perfect. It was was both educational and fascinating…….Thanks guys from Hidden Treasure see you all again.” 
Lissy Espino, Cuba
 “I just arrived from India and thanks to our profesional guide Sheesh Ram with spended a beautiful vacations. He is a 5 full star guide, he knows the best places to enjoy, shops and eat and he has alwais a big smile.” 
Jose Piniza, USA
 “Excellent organization and service. Every detail regarding internal traveling, lugage management, hotels and food was taken care off. If I have to travel again to the Asia , I would not doubt in usare again HTI.” 
Kay Brown, USA
 “This is a tour that everyone should experience if you want to enjoy the beauty and culture of this amazing place. The tour was organized with some wiggle room to make it fun. The bags and tips were taken care of perfectly. The hotels were fabulous and works of art. Going to meet the real people of India as well as the palaces and forts made it a unique adventure. I would recommend this India tour with The Hidden Treasures of India highly!!” 
Rosalie Baine, USA
 “Our recent trip to India was a magnificent. We did so much! It was an almost overwhelming exposure to the cultures, peoples, and history of India. I was amazed at the diversity of climates and cultures in this area. Sheesh was fantastic, from pursuing my lost luggage to his many attempts to make us as comfortable as possible, and his stories were fascinating! Thanks!” 
Patricia Williams, USA
 “Traveling through India was indeed and incredible experience. This was made possible by our exceptional guide Sheesh Ram from Hidden Treasures of India. India at both fascinating and depressing but worth the trip. I will never forget. I will definitely try to get back there for a longer stay. I would encourage everyone going to India to include Goa at the end of their trip to enjoy some rest and relaxation at that beautiful resort.” 
Rosemary Zraly, USA
 “I found HTI after an extensive research, as I was embarking alone on my first trip to India. Sheesh was truly a man of his word and everything he advised me was correct and exactly as he promised. I could never have seen as much without their excellent organization. Their drivers and guides were personal, knowledgeable and always open to suggestions. Importantly, I always felt safe and my every need attended to such as comfortable transportation, water, snacks and great commentary along the way. I would not hesitate to use HIT again as they are truly the best at what they do, Sheesh was always available for any needs or questions that might arise during ones travels. I would recommend them highly.” 
Hannah Richardson, USA
 “Our trip to India with Hidden Treasures was one of the BEST ever! Sheesh made the tour personalized from start to finish and not only was he a knowledgeable guide but also a great friend! 🙂 He welcomed us into his life and introduced us to his country and made us feel at home. He made all of our India dreams come true... from visiting monuments, to riding an elephant, to drifting down the river and learning how to cook indian food etc! I recommend Hidden Treasures to anyone visiting India! It was a fantastic experience at a very affordable price! 🙂 We love Sheesh!!!! :)” 
Philip Cwynar, USA
 “Sheesh our tour guide, took us on the most amazing journey traversing India. Each day was filled with another great cultural sight and wonderful people. We met many lovely, lovely people from off the beaten path villages that you would not have been able to find without Sheesh. I woke up every morning with great anticipation for what the day would bring. The villages that Sheesh took us to profoundly touched my soul. It was these moments where I felt realty truly blessed to have come this far and taken this tour. The people of these villages enlightened us to a way of life that we have never seen nor heard of. Every one of them was so inviting and graciously hosted us to their specific customs and ceremonies. Well to sum all of this up, if you are intrepid about visiting India you can find solace in knowing that you are in good hands with Sheesh and believe me you will have a journey of a lifetime. I cannot thank him enough for being so kind and thoughtful the whole entire trip. I will hopefully make it back to travel with him again as now I feel like his brother.” 
Paulette Sheard, USA
 “WoW!!! The most amazing adventure I have ever decided to take! The weather was fantastic from 1 day to last day. All of my senses were stimulated. The food was fantastic, the hospitality was even better. Our tour guide Sheesh Ram was fun, patient, cool, calm & collect and knowledgeable. We transported by every mode of transportation we could, plane, car, the green taxi, elephant, boat , I loved this journey, Sheesh was great & so is India!!” 
David Yang, USA
 “Had a real good experience with hidden treasure when I went to India for 2 weeks. It was very price competitive and smooth operation. It made travel in India a breeze. I highly recommend their service if you are looking for tailor made vacation.” 
Phyllis Williams, USA
 “I can't begin to express how much of a great time we had in India. Our tour guides were the BEST we have ever had on any vacation we have gone on. India is a place that everyone in the world a should experience. Visiting India has shown me that 'Life is what you see out of your own eyes'. Thank you for sharing some of your 'Hidden Treasures’!” 
John Paul, South Africa
 “Simply put, the trip was awesome. The personal touch offered by Sheesh and his team made the trip worth while. The Guides are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant and extremely accommodating. We thank you for a fabulous experience.” 
Theresa Pesch, Germany
 “We were three girls traveling together and Sheesh put a beautiful itinerary together and did fantastic job. We are happy to recommend his company.” 
Linda Swaine, Canada
 “The safari was fun & met expectations – saw many animals & birds. Wonderful services, personal touch and excellent guides.” 
Monica Green, Australia
  “The safaris were terrific. Thank you Sheesh for the tour. We had a great time and you put together a fabulous itinerary. The service from Hidden Treasures was outstanding. So thank you for the great India experience. We have only the best things to say about it.” 
Jason Muller, South Africa
 “India. It is something that has got to be seen to be believed. I have no doubt in my mind, that my trip to India was the most unforgettable, life changing things I have experienced. From the amazing aromatic blends in the street, to the magnificent architecture, and the joyful humming of life,I can truly say ;I've never felt so happy. My trip to India changed a lot of things in my life. I met some really special people who made my journey very sentimental (Sheesh). I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. India is very close to my heart and I can't wait to relive this once-in-a-lifetime experience again.” 
Willi Ramm, Taiwan
 “Last year, my wife and I finally realized my dream of re-visiting India. To plan our trip, we contacted India tour operators on the Internet, and Hidden Treasures gave us the best program for a 10-day trip. The highlight of our trip were the well-known places and cities, which don't need a description as they can be found on the Internet, but we found some, like the white marble Jain temple on the way to Udaipur of special interest. Of special mention was our stay at the Deogarh Palace which, while converted to a hotel, has retained all its original charm of a maharaja's palace. We returned to Delhi by express train for our return flight to Taiwan, feeling that we had an unforgettable trip, thanks to the excellent organization of Mr. Sheesh Ram of Hidden Treasures of India!” 
Leigh Cwynar, USA
 “We had a fabulous trip/adventure to Rajasthan this past year, December 2016. Everything on the trip that was planned was wonderful: the hotels, meals, lodging, and the stops along the way. The unplanned parts were just as nice. Sheesh did a tremendous job of guiding our tour group and made everyone feel more than welcomed and very comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend Hidden Treasures of India to anyone wanting to visit and tour India and I cannot praise Sheesh enough for a job well done.” 
Jacalyn Duncan, USA
 “Just got back from a 10 day tour in Rajasthan, India with Sheesh Moondh. We had a great time and saw a variety of things. In addition to riding elephants and camels, we visited some interesting villages and met some maharajahs. There was no lack of shopping either. The tour guide was terrific.” 
Brad Barker, Canada
 “Absolutely incredible experience! Sheesh and team took care of everything and it was a truly 5 Star vacation, from hotels, food, sights and anything that came up unforseen. Will definitely be heading back to see more of this incredible country with this group!” 
Simone Kritzinger
 “I have travelled many countries across the globe and I have no hesitation in saying that everyone should include a trip to India on their places to visit. What an incredible experience indeed! I equally have no hesitation in saying that if you are blessed enough to take this trip, the best way to experience it would be with the...” 
Mahen Reddy, South Africa
 “Thank you Sheesh for making our journey to India an awesome and memorable one. The vast history and beauty of your country only inspires me to come back for more. All the best and keep up the great work.” 
Geoff Lau, China
 “Would definitely recommend Hidden Treasures to anyone travelling through India! Sheesh personally accompanied our group of eight through our two week trip where we visited major sites in Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, and New Delhi! Besides being knowledgable about the sites, Sheesh has a huge passion for his country and a great appreciation for everyone who shows an interest in his homeland. The best part of it all was that it hardly felt like we were with a 'tour guide'. Sheesh tailored our entire trip to our personal interests and made it feel like a family/friend was taking us around rather than making it feel like a business.” 
Jagathes, Malaysia
 “My 1st trip to India through Hidden Treasures of India.Thank you Sheesh for the arrangement u did for me.Value for the money.I realy cannot forget the wonderful holiday with HTO and Sheesh.Keep it up your wonderful services bro.” 
Emily Corley from USA
 “My india trip was a true adventure! I am so thankful for Hidden Treasures. Everything went smoothly and as planned. I loved the attention to detail and organization throughout. They were also professional and flexible with us as well. The drivers and guides were also very nice and professional. We had one drive (Nathu) for several cities who really made us feel comfortable and safe. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad we had hidden treasures and Sheesh!” 
Helene Concebeaux, USA
 “Trip planning was outstanding – met our needs and desires. Everything was organised, well planned and customer service outstanding. Sheesh does such good work and cares so much. The trip he planned was so wonderful” 
Julie Reid, Australia
 “I located Hidden Treasures of India on the web after searching through many tour options. Sheesh the person behind this organisation not only gave me the best price but his personal attention whilst I was travelling through the area was reassuring. I am an independent traveller but was reassured to know that Sheesh was a phone call away to sort any of my Asian travel woes. I am looking forward to using Hidden Treasures again in the near future." 
Johan Gerrits, The Netherlands
 “ Shees took us to destinations that are well off the beaten track and I'm wondering if we could have had access to them if we were traveling with any other company. Sheesh is easy to work with, easy going, with a lot of jokes and extremely knowledgeable about his beautiful homeland, and yes every day we found hidden treasures, sometimes in the markets or suburbs, another time in a remote village or just along the road. I definitely recommend Hidden Treasures of India and would certainly use them again in the future."  
Rudi Roels, Belgium
 “ The route is good, you see so many things, behind every corner you say wow... If you are photographer i can also recomment this tour operator, they do all you ask. If I ever travel to India again, no doubt it will be with them again…"  
Debbie Jackson
 “ We loved our trip to India. You did an amazing job working with us to plan the perfect itinerary. We loved all the special touches- the flowers, welcoming us, the visit to your friend's family, being at the wedding with you, and all the time together. Thank you again Sheesh from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you much happiness and success with HTO," 
Helene Cincebeaux
 “ Can't rave enough about the 2 wonderful tours of India that Sheesh prepared for us in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They were everything we loved - walking in villages, meeting locals and craftspeople, marveling at the gorgeous textiles, enjoying the museums and cooking demos/dinners and so many colorful experiences, incredible photo opps and fantastic food. And i can't leave out the amazing places we stayed from palaces to a desert camp....” 
Roger Feytongs
 “HTOI is a reliable partner for traveling in India. Everything is well organized, transport, guides, hotels, etc. They select good hotels and are very flexible for their customer's needs. We always select HTOI for our travels in Rajasthan, Gujarat and South India and we are working with them already since 2008 and will continue to do so. We can highly recommend this Tour Operator.” 
Heather Partner
 “ Hello Sheesh. Well we are all back home and happy. Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful trip. Everyone simply loved it......and even laughed after the train trip. The guides were all super. I will be back next year...definitely want to do the Himalayas with my sisters. ” 
Dr. Peter Chua
 “ We had a very successful trip to India, made all the more enjoyable as we had the company of Sheesh in addition to the local guide.Sheesh is a very likable young man who was able to tell us about the Politics, Economics, Food and the Love Life of India.All the arrangements ran like clockwork without any hitches. I have no hesitation in recommending Hidden Treasures of India for your tours to India. ” 
Tillie McWeasle
 “ Thank you Hidden Treasures of India Tours for the trip of a lifetime! From riding elephants and camels to touring lovely temples, forts, and havelis - the experience was amazing! Did I mention the abundance of monkeys? The accommodations were all unique and lovely. I especially enjoyed visiting the lovely Darbargadh Palace in Poshina, the Haveli Braj Bhushanjee in Bundi,... “