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Travelling is an experience in itself and discovery is an added bonus. With our tailor-made India Tour Packages, Hidden Treasures promise you both, the joy of traveling and the excitement of discovering the beauty of India at its best. We believe in providing the best-personalized services to our valued guests. We’re sure your journey with us will be an experience of a lifetime.

Fixed Departure Tour starting August 11, 2021

Kerala Onam Festival Tour

A moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness

Journey through mysteries, saints and spirituality

Spiritual India Tour

Essence of Indian spirituality
Plunge into the tribal life of Gujarat
Journey through mysteries, saints and spirituality
Live the charm of village life in rajasthan
A moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness
Mesmerising festivities, Ocean of faith, endless tribal colours
Romantic Taj with Rajasthan’s heritage and chivalry
Travel to The Great Thar desert of Rajasthan
Revel in the grandeur of palaces
Come to the wilderness of Rajasthan & Taj
Mesmerizing Kamasutra temples to glory of Rajasthan
Experience the royalness and richness in the air of Rajasthan
Welcome to the heart of India
Visit the glorious ancient architecture of Karnataka
Be dazzled by Art and temple architecture
Kaleidoscope of spiritual and architectural heritage of India
Revel in the grandeur of palaces
God’s own country awaits
On a Safari, through the wilderness of Gujarat
Plunge into the tribal life of Gujarat
Catch a glimpse of rustic tribal life
Travel to Sikkim - the happiest & fully organic state of India

Why India Tour Packages

Create memories that last a lifetime by exploring the much-admired places of India. With such a vast array of travel options, there is no doubt that it would leave you with a dilemma in picking one destination.

From lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, and pristine beaches to well-preserved wildlife sanctuaries, adventure spots, ancient monuments, and historical and cultural hubs – there is a lot to travel to, know, and experience. The mystic beauty and vibrant cultures of tourism in India attract not just local travelers; tourist places in India are popular amongst foreign tourists as well.

Why choose us for India Tour Packages

We have an unending list of India tour packages curated specially for you. It indeed is one of the most daunting tasks but that’s what we are here for. We tender affordable and attractive India travel packages to suit your needs of you. Choosing any of these India holiday packages will provide you with wholesome experiences that you will love to treasure with your friends in a joyful time.

India Tour Package: Explore the Rich Tapestry of Incredible India


Welcome to India – a vibrant country with unique cultures, deep history, spectacular landscapes, and soulful spiritual experiences- enriches its explorers. A customized India tour package is always a trip of a lifetime which will leave the travelers captivated. In this curated article, you will experience the rich diversity and incredible beauty of India, the most sought-after destinations, breathtaking wildlife adventures, mouth-watering cuisines, pulsating festivals, amazing handicrafts, and the fascinating activities Incredible India as a destination offers to its visitors.

The Diversity and Charm of Incredible India

India is a nation that boasts a kaleidoscope of rich cultures. With its 28 states and 8 union territories, every region has its own distinctive traditions, landscapes, cuisine, and festivals. From the snow-covered Himalayan peaks to the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, From the golden Thar Desert of Rajasthan to the cold desert of Ladakh, the landscape of India is as diverse as Indian people. India’s historical heritage is astonishing, with wonderful architectural gems like the Taj Mahal and Hill Forts of Rajasthan showcasing the magnificence of the medieval era. Moreover, this country is a haven for spirituality, with thousands of ancient temples, majestic monasteries, marvelous mosques, charming churches, and astounding ashrams offering a peaceful retreat for our souls.

Plan your trip to India

To maximize the experience of your India trip, thorough planning is very important. Always consider the favorable period to travel, as the climate of India varies notably from one region to another region. Select the places that align with your choices, whether it’s the heritage sites of Northern India or the calm beaches of down south. Reserve your desired accommodations well in advance to ensure an enjoyable stay, and never forget to carry essentials such as sunglasses, comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, mosquito repellent, etc.

Most Popular Destinations for Holiday Packages in India

India offers an abundance of attractive destinations, but many of them are surely unmissable. The monument of love- the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders built in white marble is indeed a symbol of love, a unique example of architecture, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mystic Varanasi located on the banks of the sacred River Ganges, is obviously a spiritual capital of India. The colorful state of Rajasthan lures guests with its magnificent forts-palaces and vibrant culture, while the serene backwaters and Western Ghats of Kerala offer a great escape from the busy life.

Exploring The Varied Wildlife Of India

For wildlife lovers, India is simply a paradise. Embark on an exciting jungle safari in Indian Tiger Reserves like Ranthambore National Park to see the gorgeous Royal Bengal tiger in the wild. In Himalayan Foothills, India has Jim Corbett National Park, the oldest and largest national park in the country, and is a proud home to diverse flora and fauna, including the Asiatic Elephants and Bengal Tiger. The national parks of Assam such as Kaziranga and Manas offer the great sighting of One-horned Rhinos, Central Indian State Madhya Pradesh is undoubtedly a tiger state having numerous tiger reserves famous for spectacular big cat viewing. The Western Ghats of India, a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a great opportunity to witness amazing species of wild animals and plants.

Relish India’s Delicious Cuisine

The cuisine of India is a delightful mixture of spices and flavors. India has been known for its spices for centuries and the country had spice trade routes to Europe and Central Asia even in ancient times. In north India, enjoy the creamy curries, whereas in the Southern part, taste dishes that are sour and infused with locally grown coconuts. While visiting India, please never miss an opportunity to taste yummy street food, a burst of various flavors will surely tantalize the eater’s taste buds.

Choose HTO’s best tour packages in India to experience vibrant fairs and festivals

India is a country of festivals, fairs, and larger-than-life celebrations, where music, colors, joyous fervor, lights, food, and pulsating dances fill the air. Diwali- the most famous festival of India known as the Festival of Lights, is a brilliant spectacle of earthen lamps and superb fireworks. Holi, known as the Festival of Colors, is the loudest celebration in India where everyone plays with different colors and water. Witnessing Braj Holi for over a week near Mathura is once in a lifetime experience. In South India, we have the harvest Onam festival which is celebrated mainly in Kerala and Pongal of Tamil Nadu known for their lavish feasts, flower carpets, and classical dance performances. Apart from these festivals, India has numerous tribal festivals and various fairs such as the Pushkar Cattle Fair and not to forget the biggest human gathering on the earth – Maha Kumbh Mela. Every region and every season of India has unique fairs, festivals, and celebrations. Book the India festival tour now, and avail the offer.

Unraveling the Treasures of Indian Handicrafts

The handicrafts of India are a testament to the nation’s rich artistic heritage. Appreciate the intricate textiles made by locals, adorned with astonishing embroidery and unique designs. Praise the craftsmanship of tastefully designed Indian jewelry, from ornate gold designs to brilliant beaded accessories. Admire the amazing art of Indian pottery, showcasing the splendid skillful use of clay to make extraordinary artifacts.

Adventure and Activities in Luxury India Tours

For adventure enthusiasts, India is the ideal land offering many adventure activities. As India has various mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, Aravalis, Vindhyas, and Western Ghats, a nice trek to the gorgeous trails of the great Himalayas will prove to be an experience that will reward and challenge you with stunning views. India also offers skiing, white water rafting, horse safaris, mountain biking, and many more. Head towards the coastline of India such as Goa or Kerala for enjoyable water sports, including parasailing, jet-skiing, and surfing. Board on an incredible desert safari in the great Thar Desert to experience the rustic and rural charm of colorful Rajasthan.

Safety Tips for Travelers

While India is undoubtedly a land of warm hospitality however it’s recommended to take some precautions. Always respect the local customs and culture, one should dress modestly while visiting a temple and other places of worship, and always take permission to photograph the people. Prioritize health by consuming freshly cooked meals drinking mineral water, and carrying essential medicines with you. Be careful about touts and scams, especially in crowded areas and markets.

The Best Time to Visit India

The diverse climate of India makes the country a year-round place to visit. However, the best time to explore it depends on the specific region a traveler plans to visit. Here are the good periods for a few popular regions:

DestinationBest Time to Visit
North IndiaSeptember to April
South IndiaMid-October to Mid-March
Himalayan RegionApril to June and September to November
RajasthanSeptember to March
GoaOctober to March
Andaman IslandsOctober to March
KeralaOctober to March

India Tour Packages: The Enchanting Experiences

Destination India gives an array of customized tour packages that cater to the various preferences and interests of visitors. Let’s explore a few of our most popular India tour packages that provide a unique experience:

1. Golden Triangle Tour: An Affair with History

The Golden Triangle Tour of India is a classic pick for first-time travelers. This package covers Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra showcasing the magnificent historical marvels of India. Mesmerize at the monument of love- the Taj Mahal in Agra, explore the historical forts and palace of Jaipur and dig into the great heritage of the national capital Delhi.

2. Himalayan Adventures: Amidst the Snow-Capped Peaks

For adventurous people searching for thrilling experiences, our various India tour packages to the Himalayas region offer jeep safaris, mountaineering, trekking, or just spiritual retreats. Traverse the stunning trails of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttarakhand, or Arunachal and discover your inner peace in the monasteries of Sikkim and Ladakh.

3. Backwater Bliss in Kerala: God’s Own Country

Our handcrafted India tour packages of Kerala will take the visitors to the heavenly backwaters, incredible tea estates, and palm-fringed beautiful beaches. Experience wonderful stays on a houseboat, indulge in ancient Ayurvedic wellness and taste the mouth-watering Kerala cuisine. Book Kerala Tour

4. Royal Rajasthan: Where Heritage Beckons

Step into the royal age with our specially designed Rajasthan tour packages. Engage in the opulence of hill forts, and majestic palaces, enjoy Rajasthani folk dances and music, and savor the authentic cuisine of Royal Rajasthan.

5. Wildlife Safaris: Encounters with Nature’s Grandeur

For wildlife lovers, India provides amazing wildlife visits to its wildlife game reserves like Ranthambore, Kanha, Nagarhole, Kaziranga, and many more. Get thrilled to see the Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephants, one-horned rhinos, Asiatic Lions, and the innumerable species of birds in the natural habitats. Are you interested in an india wildlife tour, book now?

6. Spiritual Sojourn: Seek Inner Harmony

India is a land of spirituality with thousands of pilgrimage places, wellness, and yoga retreats. Book an India Spiritual Tour and embark on a spiritual journey to the Himalayas, Varanasi, Kerala, Rishikesh, Bodh Gaya, and many more places to rejuvenate your soul, mind, and body.

7. Goa Beach Escapade: Sun, Sand, and Surf

Experience the tranquil and vibrant life on the serene beaches of Goa with the designed India tour packages. Simply relax on the breathtaking beaches, enjoy the water sports, and indulge in the pulsating nightlife of Goa.

8. Cultural Extravaganza in Kolkata: City of Joy

Experience the rich cultural diversity of the City of Joy – Kolkata with its literature, arts, architecture, and sweets. Witness the festivities during Durga Puja and immerse in Kolkata’s intellectual glamor.

9. Majestic Mysore: Where Heritage Meets Modernity

Explore the architectural gems and prosperous heritage of Mysore city in Karnataka state. Visit the captivating Mysore Palace, visit the Chamundi Hills and Somnathpur Temples, and last but the greatest Mysore Dasara festival.

10. Tropical Paradise in Andaman Islands: Underwater Wonders

The Andaman Islands of India offer a slice of heaven with serene beaches and rich coral reefs. Traverse the underwater via snorkeling and scuba diving.


The India tour packages provide unforgettable insights through its diverse land, rich culture, charm, and unforgettable wonders. From the stunning Taj Mahal to the serene backwaters of Kerala, everything in India is a hidden treasure waiting for you to be discovered. So, pack your stuff, hold the spirit of adventure, and prepare yourself to make fresh memories that will never fade.

FAQ (India Tour packages)

Why Choose a Tour Package of India?

Planning a tour to India is overwhelming when it’s someone’s first trip. Choosing India tour packages will simplify the entire process and a reliable partner will ensure a well-designed trip and hassle-free arrangements. India Tour package offers a comprehensive tour program, including comfortable transportation, hand-picked accommodations, amazing sightseeing, and the meals of your choice. This allows the visitor to entirely focus on enjoying the journey instead of worrying about the arrangements.

Can I customize an India tour package?

Yes, the majority of tour operators and DMCs provide customized itineraries to suit the visitor’s interests and preferences. One can always work with local tour operators to craft a personalized tour package.

Are flights included in the India tour package?

Airfares inclusions depend on the different tour packages. Few packages include domestic flights, whereas some focus only on ground logistics. Therefore, please verify the tour package inclusions.

Do I need a visa to visit India?

Yes, anyone visiting India requires a valid visa. Many visitors from eligible countries can apply online for an e-tourist visa, others can simply apply through the nearest Indian embassy or consulate or authorized visa agents for India.

Is travel insurance necessary for my India trip?

Travel insurance for India is not mandatory but it is recommended to insure against any unforeseen situation such as flight cancellations, lost luggage, and medical emergencies.

Are meals included in the travel packages in india?

Please refer to the inclusions of your itinerary. Normally Indian tour packages include just breakfast and a few meals. It varies from package to package.

What are the payment and cancellation policies for India holiday packages?

Cancellation and Payment policies are different for each tour operator and DMC. Therefore please review their terms and conditions carefully before booking any trip to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Which site is best for India private tour packages?

Please visit www.htoindia.com for the best Indian Tour Packages. 

Which India tour packages are best?

The best India tour package completely depends on your own interests, preferences, destinations and budget. A thorough research of the destination and comparison of various packages is highly recommended to decide the best tour package to India.

What is the cost of India tour packages from the USA?

The price of any tour to India from the USA depends completely on a few factors like duration of the visit, accommodation opted, transportation used, airline for the flights, and the period of trip. It’s suggested to check with your local DMC or tour operators for specific budget ideas.

How much does an India Tour cost?

The price of any tour of India will be decided by the accommodation choices, vehicle opted, length of the trip, services required and period of the journey. So it is always better to consult a local tour operator for planning a trip to India. 

Which are the best tour operators in India?

Hidden Treasures of India having its website www.htoindia.com and Inside Indian Jungles https://www.insideindianjungles.com are among the best tour operators in India with great services. 

Which month is best for a tour in India?

The best period for any tour of India will completely depend on the region one is visiting and the activities one plans to engage in. Generally, from September End to October to April First are considered the ideal months to visit North India and South India. However, some places like Ladakh are best from April to September. 

Who is the No. 1 Traveler in India?

It’s really difficult to finalize a single person and say “No. 1” traveler in India because there are numerous persons who are enthusiastic about visiting India. The country has a rich travel community including influencers, bloggers, and explorers who share and inspire others with their visiting experiences of India. However, HTOINDIA is definitely a reputed Travel company in India.

Which is the largest booking platform for tour packages in India?

There are many Online Travel Agents and trip booking sites in India, offering a huge range of products such as flights, accommodations, and tour packages. However, it is always recommended to work with a boutique company like HTOINDIA to design the itinerary for hassle free travel. 

What is the best way to book international flights from India?

Opting international air-carriers to and from India can be decided with consultation with your tour operator and travel agent. As few airlines are good in some sectors and others are great in another sector. Most of the renowned airlines fly to India and one can easily compare the airfares with the best airlines. 

Is it cheaper to book India vacation packages?

Booking holidays as a tour package can many-times be more cost-efficient than booking different components separately like hotel, transport and flights. Tour operators and DMCs negotiate nicely the discounted prices with their hotel and transport partners which they offer to their valued clients, resulting in significant savings.

What are the various types of India travel packages, and can you explain them?

Individual Tours or Private Tours, Group Tours, Adventure Tours, Luxury Tours, Cultural Tours, Educational tours, MICE Tourism

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