Indian Visa

All You Need To Know About Indian Visa.

Looking forward to visiting India first time? Want to travel, study, research, Internship, does business meetings, seeking employment, for medical checkups?

Whatever are the reasons, if you want to visit India legally you need a valid Indian Visa. And with this single word visa lot’s of questions arise in mind like How to apply for an Indian Visa, Required documents to apply for Indian Visa, Fees for the visa, approximate processing time, photo requirements, the status of visa, where to get an Indian visa?

HTOI care about every single traveler travelling to India that’s why we have covered all the vital information and tried to answer every only question asked about Indian Visa in a single 5 minute read article.

HTOI’s Guide on Indian Visa will surely be your first and last stop for applying and successfully getting an Indian visa.

What Kind Of Visa Required For India?

First thing first. Decide how long you want to stay and your motto behind your visit to India.

Different kind of visas which can offer for individuals to India comprise e-visa, Business visa, Conference visa, diplomatic visa, Employment visa, Emergency visa, Entry visa, Intern visa, Journalist visa, Medical visa, Missionaries visa, Permit to re-enter within 2 months, Research visa, Student visa, Travel visa, transit visa, along with Film visas.

Traveler’s remaining in India for less than 72 hours can get a Transit visa (you just need to show confirmed ticket booking of return way); otherwise, an Indian Tourist visa is essential.

Tourist visas usually issued for just six months, based on from which country you’re. Some countries issue visas for briefer durations, such as three weeks, and more durations, such as one year with multiple entries.

Five-year visa is obtainable for people of 18 nations which are France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Luxembourg, New Zeeland, Argentina, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Mexico and Vietnam.

If you are U.S. citizen, then you can even apply for 10-year visa.

How To Apply For Indian Visa?

You can apply online for Indian visa for hassle-free application and to save your time after all time is money.

Fill in your country, and select available “Indian Mission/Port” as per your convenience. Fill the details as asked in the application form by the Ministry.

After filling and submitting the application form, you will get an application id which is essential for further communication with the concerned Indian Mission you have selected earlier in the application form of Indian visa.

You can make a payment online and fix an appointment with the concerned Indian Mission. If an e – payment facility is not available, then you can directly submit fees directly to the relevant Indian Mission along with a printout of your application form and supporting documents.

Need help with filling the application form correctly, download HTOI’s sample Indian Visa Application with a detailed instructions Form for help. Thanks us later.

How To Check Visa Status?

So, You have finished with online application form for Indian visa and excited to want to know about your application status, whether it’s approved or not or what the progress or looking for authority information about the status of your Indian visa application form.

Don’t worry; you can check your form status yourself. Yes, you heard it right!

You can also check status of your Indian Visa online with your application id and passport number. By entering your 12 characters application id and passport number, you can get the information about your visa that whether it is approved, rejected or in progress.

Documents Required While Applying For Indian Tourist Visa?

HTOI have a checklist of all critical, required documents for Indian visa for every traveler like you. It’s necessary to show these documents during your appointment at your selected Indian Mission. Don’t forget to double check the list of all the documents before going to Indian Mission.

  • Passport: Original passport and one photocopy of passport front page & signature page. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your stay in India. Your passport must have two blank pages available for Indian visa stamps.
  • Indian Visa Application Form: One authorized India visa application with one copy. You have to sign your Indian visa form, and signatures on the application form have to match the signature on your passport. The Indian visa application has to be printed onto two pages, and also signed on both the pages. You have to sign under the photo top on the very first page, and even at the bottom of the page.
  • Residency Proof: You must have to carry a government-issued residence proof like your driving license or passport. Your residence address must be same as in the applied visa form.
  • Photo Requirements: You have to paste your new color & front view passport photograph of 2”X2” size with white/plain background.
  • Under The Age Of 18: If visa applicant is under 18 then copy of both the parent’s passport is must with minor applicant’s date of birth certificate. Parental authorization for minors for under the age of 18 applicants must be signed and notarized by both the parents.
  • Other Forms: Additional particular form must be printed, filled and signed by you. Please answer the question with “no”, if any question does not apply to you.

What’s the processing time for Indian Visa?

Indian Mission’s for Indian visa always want to make the visa approval process speedy. But, sometimes it may take some time. Usually, the processing time for Indian visa may be different for you, depending on your country & your selected country mission it may take minimum 3-4 working days.

Fees For Indian Visa?

The correct fees for Indian visa can be figured out only while your appointment with your required documents at your selected Indian Mission.

How To Print Out Indian Visa Application Form

Do you forget to take print out of your recently filled visa application form? Want to reprint your wholly filled application? Is it possible to reprint Indian visa application? Did such questions scare you?

Whatever are the reasons to not take print out of your completed application form you can reprint your full Indian visa application form.

Important Instructions For The Indian Visa Application Form

Common Technical Issue:
The very best web browser to fill your Indian Visa application form successfully is Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8.0) and above.

If you face any difficulty associated with security certification with different browsers, then you can also install “SECURITY CERTIFICATE” by clicking on the link onto the Indian visa.

Indian Mission:
While selecting Indian Mission for your visa application form, you must pick the Embassy or Mission that’s delegated to process visas to your state.

Temporary Application ID:
While filling the Indian visa application form, you will get a temporary application form ID. Whatever are the reasons if you missed saving your application form then you can return to the application form where you left by using temporary application id.

Visa Validity:
Indian Visas usually issued for six months, one year, five years or even ten years based on your citizenship.

Duration of visa (in months) also asked in the Indian visa application form. The number of months on the application form has to be corresponding to the number of months visa type.

The Indian Consulate has the discretion to correct the time down or up to the closest validity option and charge full prices or to take a fresh application when the wrong number of months requested.

Verify And Submit:

As soon as you’ve filled the complete application form, the last page will permit you to confirm the details entered to the visa form. Please scrutinize every aspect here again.

If any corrections are needed, then you can make the change here for the final time. Nevertheless, as soon as you hit continue, it won’t be possible to edit the form at all.

As soon as you finish the Indian visa application form, please print this form. Don’t make a consultation and payment at the moment.