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The sprawling yearly celebration of over the last 150-year-old, the Pushkar Mela by its striking record of diversified photos, mirror the glorious cultural history of Rajasthan. The annual fair held in the holy land of Pushkar, Ajmer amongst the weeks of October and November, attracts more than 350K visitors. Anyway, this fair is distinguished to be among the planet’s biggest cattle fairs.

Pushkar FairAn astounding 25,000 camel converges the small desert city of Pushkar, Rajasthan, to attend the fair.
The main and initial purpose of the Pushkar Camel Fair was to entice local camel and cattle traders to conduct business throughout the sacred Kartik Purnima festival, held in Pushkar around the full moon in the Hindu lunar calendar month of Kartika.

Now, it becomes one of the major tourist attractions over the years as lot’s of other activities also organized like camel race with a big cattle trading market. The renowned Pushkar Mela attracts thousands of livestock and nearly a thousand tourists, including most from around the world.

Now the Pushkar Mela creates a stir one of the travellers having its jaw opening amazing celebrations with lifetime-threatening activities, musical and cultural events, thrilling camel safari tours and also a stay from the conventional yet modern arenas.

Pictures of silver bells which makes the heart bewitching jingles, animals walking across sparkling sand dunes along with attractively decked out camels using their owners hanging on the backs have come to be the fascinating norm as of this magnificent cultural visit.

The expansive occasion of this Pushkar Mela is unquestionably a priceless cure for people that want to watch the energetic culture and customs of Royal Rajasthan. You can experience the same with our Royal Rajasthan Tour.

Pushkar FairThe sand slopes seem to infest with camels so far as the eyes could view and also the population of Pushkar leads to in excess of 400,000 folks, using an in the flow of pilgrims, camel traders, as well as even tourists.

The camel races are unquestionably a highlight, even although the amusing beauty competitions comprising elaborately shaved and adorned camels may also be funny.

There are temple dance, people and combination music festivals, heritage and spiritual conflicts, along with arts and crafts bazaar too. And, clearly, the rational might be incomplete without a mustache contest!

When Pushkar Mela Is Celebrated?

Pushkar FairIt depends on the cycle of the moon but generally, the Pushkar Mela is celebrated in the month of November. Camels are among the major attractions during the first two-three days of the fair, later it becomes the religious festival.

This year the Pushkar Fair is going to start from 04 November that lasts long until November 12, 2019.

Try to reach here, 1-2 days earlier before starting the fair to witness the fair at its best. Camels from the different lands may begin coming from around 3-4 days earlier to be a part of the world’s largest cattle fair.

Where And How The Pushkar Camel Mela Celebrated?

Pushkar-FairThe Pushkar Mela is held annually in the holy land of Pushkar, near Ajmer, situated in Rajasthan. The Majority of the fair actions occur in the fairgrounds, situated in the west of the city close to the junction of Brahma Temple way and the National highway no. 89.

Even the camels also well dressed, marched, trimmed, and entered in beauty competitions, race contest, made to dance, as well as for trading.

Even enormous jubilation has been held, where various musicians, dancers, acrobats, and full of joy carousel rides ready to amuse the audience.

What Rituals Performed At The Pushkar Fair?

Pushkar-FairPeoples visit the festival mainly for cattle trading and to take a bath in the sacred water of Pushkar Lake to get absolved of their past sins and to get free from the bondage of life.

The two days around the full moon of the Kartika month reckoned as the most prosperous day to absolve the sins by taking a bath in the holy Pushkar Lake.
It is also believed that all the wishes fulfilled by those who take holy bath in the Lake.

Importance Of Pushkar:

Pushkar-FairBasically, the meaning of “Pushkar” is ‘to be born because of a flower‘. It’s mentioned in the Hindu mythology that there was a moment when the deities realized a swan using a lotus flower in its own beak and made it drop on the earth where Lord Brahma performed an enormous Yajna.

The location where that the lotus dropped was known as the holy city Pushkar.
Pushkar is one of the 5 Dhams that means sacred places or even pilgrimages which has the higher respect by Hindus, others currently being Badrinath, Puri, Rameswaram, and Dwarka.

Pushkar-FairIt was stated in conflict Lord Brahma murdered the demon Vajra Nabh having a lotus flower, whose petals drifted right down on the ground and landed at three regions of Pushkar whereby lakes awakened up.

Pushkar Lake surrounded by 52 bathing Ghats and more than 400 Hindu temples.

Accommodations During Pushkar Fair:

Pushkar-FairEvery tour is incomplete without the excellent accommodations. If you want to enjoy peaceful surrounding then staying in the tents is the best option for the Pushkar Mela.

You can stay at various Pushkar Camps, which are one of the coolest luxury air-conditioned tents. If you want to stay at luxurious hotels then you can choose from Pushkar Palace, Jagat Palace, Ananta Resort, Pushkar Resorts, Bhanwar Singh Palace, Dera Masuda, Pushkar Bagh and many more.

How To Reach Pushkar?

By Air: Kishangarh Airport of Ajmer is the nearest airport situated which is hardly 50 km away from the Pushkar. You can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Pushkar.

By Train: Ajmer is a well-connected city by train from all the major cities of India. From Ajmer, you can travel to Pushkar Railway Station, which is hardly around 10 km far.

By Bus: Pushkar is well connected to the nearby major cities like Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bundi and the national highways too. Buses on the regular bases run from all the major cities to Pushkar.

Nearby Places To Visit While You Are In Pushkar:

Rose Garden:

Pushkar is famously called the ‘rose garden of Rajasthan‘ thus there’s no motive, seeing the gorgeous property with zillion quantity of roses is just a necessary move to make.

The odor of the blossoms is attractive, and the sweetness is stunning.

Absolutely a heaven for nature lovers!


Brahma’s Temple:

Brahma-TempleYou can visit Brahma’s famous temple to dip into the deep ocean of devotion.

Once annually, on Kartik Poornima, the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik (October — November), a religious celebration is held in Brahma’s honor.

An enormous number of pilgrims appears to wash their past sins at the holy Pushkar Lake.

Various ceremonies are held here amid the reasonable.

Rangji Temple:

Rangji-TempleAn ideal mix of Mughal, Rajput, along with the South Indian architecture, this temple is also an outstanding site to visit the holy town Pushkar.

As it’s committed to an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is close to the old markets, it usually remains packed with hundreds of worshippers.



Sarafa Bazaar:

Sarafa-BazaarBesides the Shilpgram Bazaar from the Pushkar fair, the Sarafa Bazaar from town is among the best hunting areas in Pushkar to see if you are a by-heart shopping lover.

It offers numerous stuff just like the Rajasthani costumes, embroidered cloths, decorative bits, curios, embroidered tops, memorabilia, bangles and beads, glass lamps, totes, and much more.


Naga Pahar:

Naga-PaharBeing a mountain which divides Ajmer and Pushkar, also it is rumored to evaporate as time passes, Naga Pahar can be a tourist attraction within the city.

Besides sitting by the Nag Kund here, you might even admire the stunning view of this town from here and catch memories onto your own camera. You can enjoy all these with Rajasthan Tour Packages of HTOIndia РIndia Tour Operator.

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